Charlie Jacobson is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Red Deer, Alberta. He has backed up and been backed up by some of the Canadian blues giants: Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Russell Jackson, David Vest and Donald Ray Johnson, to name a few.

All of this foundation building paid off. Charlie’s guitar appears to be part of his body when he’s on stage, like a third arm. It is not uncommon to see him weaving throughout crowds and jumping from drum kit to table, while singing his heart out, and never losing a note on the guitar.

With his first musical stage performance occurring at age 4, it is possible that Charlie Jacobson’s first baby soother was a guitar pick. Both of his parents were are musicians and Charlie would fall asleep listening to the sounds of his parent’s band practices.

Charlie became a recording artist at the age of 12, using 4-track tape recorders.

His first full length Album was released in 2015 titled “Alberta Flood”

In spring 2016, Charlie contributed guitar parts for the new Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne record, “Jumpin and Boppin for Joy”, that went to number 1 on American and Canadian Blues Charts.

Currently, Charlie is working on a new full length album to be release in January of 2019 as well as performing live consistently.

January 10-14, 2019 Charlie will be headlining the Tequila Blues Explosion Festival in Ixtapa, Mexico.